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The secret is in the smoke!

Get ready to rave! We’re trying to be modest but it’s hard to be humble when you’re serving up the best ‘cue in town.

Smokehouse Live smokes its meats in true authentic BBQ style under the watchful eye of award winning Pitmaster Jim Foss. (He’s a pretty big deal in the ‘cue world.)

We source the finest meats from local artisans and farmers, season them just right and smoke them on site for hours and hours in our Ole Hickory pits. Watch as we carve our meats in front of your eyes and serve it smokin’ hot with our house-made sides and most nights, a side of live music.

There’s no better recipe for an evening of fun with family and friends.

By the way, everything at Smokehouse Live is made from scratch and with love. Yup, every sauce, every condiment, every dessert, every dish. Now who else can say that?

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If you're a brisket fan, realize that once you've had the wet brisket you'll never be completely satisfied with lean brisket again.

— John Jones

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